National Coursing

with CCLA


22nd of October 2017



Windhundrennclub Tirol - WRCT – ZVR 357398447


6241 Radfeld / Tyrol - Austria

Starting time:


Presentation of the dogs, veterinary check:


8:00 – 9:00

Coursing director:

DI Martin Götz


Paolo Persieri (IT), Helge Kronsteiner (AT)



Ca. 600 m for small breeds, ca. 900 m for large breeds


Lure technique:


Lure pulled over pulleys


Coursing track:

Large mowed meadow





Trophies for the 1st to 6th place


Entry fee:

25 € per dog, the 3rd and following dogs of the same owner 20 € per dog; licence runs 15 € per run, training runs 15 € (depending on entry numbers)

Entry closing date:

16. 10. 2017, or when the maximum entry is reached

Veterinary rules:

Pet passport with a valid vaccination against rabies, minimum valid 30 days



Registration office:

Mag. Ursula Kronsteiner, Mitterweg 164, A 6020 Innsbruck



CCLA Regulations


In each sighthound breed and sex and class a CCLA can be awarded.

Minimum 3 dogs at the start


If your dog is to compete for the CCLA, please:


1) mark it on the entry form


2) include a proof of the qualification from a dog show –  the dog must have earned two gradings not lower than "very good" in junior (over 15 months), open, intermediate,  working or champion class at a national or international ÖKV show (in Austria) or at the national ÖKWZR Cubwinner (in Austria).