CACIL Snow Coursing Neustift 2018

An adventure in deep snow!

Short Report Friday 19th of January 2018

We got about 20 cm of new snow overnight.

Our two teams, team Helmut Schmidt and team Martin Götz, were already on the parcours at noon. Klaus Ranalter had already prepared the track during the night and once again in the morning.


With the help of Rolf Bosch we were able to have training runs at parcours 2.


Parcours 1 was also set up in the evening after the fences were in place.


Our veterinarian was present in the afternoon for the control of the dogs starting on Saturday, so no long waiting lines could arise.

Also the secretary was already open for the registration of the dogs at the Doadler Alm.



Short report Saturday, January 20th, 2018


There was some light snowfall and sometimes even sunshine and very good conditions on the track, so we had a very nice coursingday.



Short Report Sunday, 21st of January 2018
During the night from Saturday to Sunday, we got another 50 cm of fresh snow!

The only possible and responsible decision on the second day of our CACIL Coursing was the cancellation of the competition.

After several months of preparations and long journeys of the participants this was a very hard decision for us, but there was no other option.

Parcours 1 (Doadler Alm) and the way to the parcours were officially closed on Sunday due to avalanche danger.

Parcours 2 was prepared by Klaus Ranalter for the third time during the night. But on Sunday morning he, too, was not allowed to drive to the track with his snowcat, because the road was blocked due to the avalanche danger.

Several roads, including the one to the Stubaier Glacier, were also closed because of the snow.


However, as the track had already been prepared several times, team Martin Götz – with a lot of help from volunteers and his caterpillar quad – managed to have circa 25 short training runs on Sunday at the Edelweiß Parcous.
A regular CACIL competition with the required specifications (including the distance of the track) was not possible under these conditions.
Even for a single round we would have needed about 50 runs, this was not possible due to the conditions.

The experienced men and women of Team Schmidt and Team Götz can deal with snow, cold or wind, but we were all powerless against so much snow and barriers due to avalanche danger.

The equipment of Team Schmidt had to be pulled from the track by Martin Götz with his caterpillar by a detour.
The owner of the Doadler Alm was also snowed in and could not come with his tractor.


Nevertheless, many participants have already told us that they want to come back next year.


Many thanks to the countless volunteers from other clubs abroad and from members of our club, who have worked for hours in the snow and cold!

The WRCT Team